Address: Experium, 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: Experium, 780 67 Sälen

Experium is an entertainment centre located at the Lindvallen ski resort in the heart of the Sälen Mountains. Its various attractions include an adventure pool with Flow Rider® indoor surfing, an attractive spa offering luxurious treatments and sauna facility, relaxation room and gym. There is also a sports bar and restaurants, 3D cinema, 10-pin bowling alley and shopping.

If you’ve been skiing, cycling or hiking with family and friends make Experium part of your trip. Accommodation is available at the nearby Ski Lodge and Ski Lodge Village.

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TOR003: Torgås

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Vasalopp accommodation - private host Accommodation in a room at private host, about 16 km south of the start of Vasaloppet. The host has 3 bedrooms with 12 beds in total for rent. Price 525 SEK per person/night. Please bring towels and bed linen (or order it from the host). No smoking, no pets allowed.