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Address: Kläppen Ski Resort AB, 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: Kläppen Ski Resort AB, 780 67 Sälen

No other time, it's so good to sit down at the table as after a few hours on the slopes.
Vary by visiting Kläppens different restaurants.

The "Top cottage" offers a magnificent view of the beautiful valley.

Tranan Restaurant, bar & café
Offers treats for all of our guests that are longing for coffee and cookies, drinks and food.

At "Wärdshuset" we serve each day a delightful skiing-lunch.

When the spring-sun comes to Kläppen, the days get longer and brighter, and many people wants to enjoy the full day on the piste.
On Kläppens eastern side of the dip below "Falkenliftenstopp", you will find Solgrillen.
We serve hamburgers and hot dogs with different kinds of drinks.

Read more about Kläppens all restaurants and opening hours etc. on the website.

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