Tandådalen- Västra Kalven

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Length: 10,2 km Difficulty rating: Green
Time: approx, 2,5 hours
The trail starts at Tandådalen and is marked with yellow crosses.

This trip around Västra Kalven snakes through the valley between the fells (mountains). The trail is very flat and easy. It takes you across several bogs and past the Kalvheden ski lift. The ground here varies between waterlogged and wet. After a few kilometers, there is an open shelter by the side of the trail and you soon reach a long, narrow, mountain lake (Kalvtjärn), where you will also find the next open shelter.

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TOR003: Torgås

Distance: 28.9 km
Vasalopp accommodation - private host Accommodation in a room at private host, about 16 km south of the start of Vasaloppet. The host has 3 bedrooms with 12 beds in total for rent. Price 525 SEK per person/night. Please bring towels and bed linen (or order it from the host). No smoking, no pets allowed.