Fjälläventyr - Dogsledding

Address: Högfjället, 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: Högfjället, 780 67 Sälen

Fjälläventyr [fjaellaeventyr] translated mountain adventure helps you to the best adventures in the mountains of Sälen. Dogsledding and snowmobile safaris is two of the most populare offpist activities which can be enjoyed from november to april.
Our mission is to make your holiday or corporate event to an adventure that you want to remember!

Drive your own team of dogs!

Mountain tours
A magical way to experience the snowy mountains with your friends and family. You will get to meet our Huskies who will take you across the landscape. First you will be introduced to your guide who will give you a short driving and safety instruction. The guide will drive the lead team and you will drive your team of dogs behind. Don't worry, the guide will be with you at all times during your journey.

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TOR003: Torgås

Distance: 22.6 km
Vasalopp accommodation - private host Accommodation in a room at private host, about 16 km south of the start of Vasaloppet. The host has 3 bedrooms with 12 beds in total for rent. Price 525 SEK per person/night. Please bring towels and bed linen (or order it from the host). No smoking, no pets allowed.