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Address: Näsholmen, 78067 Sälens by Show map

Address: Näsholmen, 78067 Sälens by

Västerdalälven (Västerdal River) and its tributaries Görälven & Fuluälven offer amazing natural beauty, with everything from encounters with wild animals to a wonderful natural experience.

There are many who have canoed the stretch from Ljördalen in Norway to Sälen in Sweden and who have chosen to do it again and again, this vouches for the fact that it isn't just we who think it is beautiful in Dalarna!
Sälen Canoe Centre has more than 15 years of experience of canoeing; our equipment is of course of the highest standards.
Sälen Canoe Centre is approved by the Swedish Kayak & Canoe Federation.

Welcome to Sälen and a wonderful canoeing experience.

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