Rörbäcksnäs Local Heritage Museum – Sälen

Address: Rörbäcksnäs 913 , 780 64 Lima Show map

Address: Rörbäcksnäs 913 , 780 64 Lima

Today the local heritage museum consists of eight buildings, where one can see some of the local history society’s 1,000 artefacts from the days of pre-industrial farming.

A storehouse, built in the 1820s by Rörbäcks Kersti’s husband, Hans Thorud from Elverum, shows distinct Norwegian features.
Rörbäcksnäs Local History Society was founded in 1939 and its first task was to rescue this house, called “Jostugan” or “Rörbäcks Kerstis stuga”. Rörbäcks Kersti (died 1839) was a descendant of the first settlers in the village in the 18th century and this house, a part of her family’s big farm with 19 buildings, was occupied until the 1920s.

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    Rörbäcksnäs 913
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