Cross-country in Kläppen

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Once you got off the chairlift, the cross country tracks are close by. In a minute you find yourself in a winter-white world of snow-covered trees. The journey winds its way around to the top and even if you sometimes glimpse the alpine skiers, it is easy to be fascinated by the silence and stillness of the magnificent mountain nature.

Myrspåret 3 kilometres, 6 kilometres, 8 kilometres:
Beautiful nature trail that winds around the forests and marshes on the east side of Kläppen Mount.
The track starts down in the cabin village and rises slowly at first. Once up on the hill, it is a nice track with a few hilly areas.

"Toppspåret" is 6.3 kilometres
Kläppens most beautiful cross-country trail with a completely magical environment with peaks, cliffs and magical forest.
The track is relatively flat but there are some relieved "hills". To get to "toppspåret" you can go for free up and down in the chairlift, alternatively you can go the "Trånggravsspåret" that connects "toppspåret" with "Myrspåret".

"Trånggravsspåret" 6 kilometres:
Trånggravsspåret" connects "toppspåret" with "Myrspåret". You can choose if you want to go from bottom to top or vice versa.
If you wish to go for many kilometers, you can go around all these tracks.
The tip for cross country skiers is to take the chairlift up to the top to start the top, start on "Toppspåret" and follow that for about 1 kiometre and then take off to the "Trånggravsspåret" and enjoy a lovely ride in a downhill. Where the "Trånggravsspåret" connects with "Myrspåret", you can find a shelter for a coffee break. Then, you can take "Myrspåret" down to the cabin village again.

"Älvspåret" 14 km:
Flat track that runs along the "Västerdal"-river. The track starts at Kläppen Square all the way to Torgås, 7 kilometres south of Kläppen.
At first the track is flat and two kilometers before you arrive in Torgås it's a bit more hilly with some steep slopes. The whole track is illuminated and the lights are lit to 22:00 in the evening.
In this track, sledges and dogs are not allowed .

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