Cross country in Stöten

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Address: 780 67 Sälen

To go out in the cross country track a beautiful winterday where the snow dampens all sound and it is calm and quiet - That is a great outdoor experience.
Cross country-Skiing is also by far the best form of exercise. Here in Stöten, we have really good cross country tracks for all skiers.

Original tracks: We have four ski tracks, three, five, five and seven kilometers long.
The 3-kilometer track is lit to 23:00 in the evening.
All tracks starts from the track center that are at the ranch and "Soltorgets" parking.
"Waxing houses", you can find at ranch (1) and "Lyanområdet" (3).

New cross country tracks:
New for this season is that we for the first time have a skate track in the facility. The track is five kilometers long and starts at the track center below Stöten Ranch Campground.

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