Sälens snowmobile club

Address: 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: 780 67 Sälen

We exist to create the best possible conditions for us who love snowmobiling.

Sälen offers a wonderful natural environment that is perfect for snowmobiling. Fine mountains, dramatic gorges, endless swamps and all kinds of forest.
Through hard work with landowners, county administration, business owners and residents, we have built a large number of scooter tracks, maintained throughout the winter.
We have huge areas where freeriding is permitted. It is a great privilege that the club and all snowmobilers need to pull together to uphold.
Bring your scooter and come to Salen or rent a scooter when you get here.

To be able to maintain the trails with skid, piste etc. we sell special "marks" that you have to put on your scooter that shows that you have permission to ride on the tracks. The money goes to maintenance. You can buy for one day or for the whole season. The card is linked to your scooter registration number.

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