Fågelboet, Sälfjällstorget

Address: Sälfjällstorget, 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: Sälfjällstorget, 780 67 Sälen

Welcome to "Fågelboet". The Unique accommodation and restaurant. In the heart of Sälen, at Sälfjällstorget you will find "Fågelboet". One of Sälens oldest house, built in the 1600s.

We serve lighter dishes such as goulash-soup, lovely lunch-sandwiches, grilled toast, but above all, possible and impossible waffles. Everything from classic waffles with cloudberry jam to luxury-waffles with leeks, cremefraishé, shrimp and Russian caviar.

In the evenings, we are settng the tables for fondue-evening.
Start your evening with a chanterelle soup for example and then choose which meat you prefer to dip in the pot. Fillet of beef, reindeer or elk. For this a steaming potatoe-gratin and three different sauces.
The wine-list is well composed.

Vanilla ice cream with warm cloudberries always tastes good to dessert.
Finish with coffee and cognac by the fire.

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