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Address: Lindvallen, 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: Lindvallen, 780 67 Sälen

Welcome to Sälen and a grand experience.
Together we will travel across the white expanses of the mountain which lies entirely untouched awaiting us.
Dog sledding is an ancient means of transportation to get around where nothing else can. Although scooters could feel defeated when it concerned long distance movements and the risk of bad weather and being too rugged terrain. We have refined the technology and today is the dogsled a physical activity with both excitement and enjoyment.
Many similar dogsled with sailing where you completely disconnect the daily grind and enjoy nature in all its splendor. Let the adventure begin!

Along with our dogs, we head up the mountain. We live in a mountain cabin, tent or bivy. Our trip starts early with a review of packing and dogsled instructions before heading off. You drive in pairs your own equipage, drawn by six to eight dogs. During our tours you will learn not only to drive, but also to harness and charge for the dogs. After just a few hours, you are allied with the dogs and together will force you any obstacles that may arise during the trip. Each trip is determined by the weather, your experience, and of course your wishes. We live in a simple mountain cabin, tent or bivy. Once we arrive, we help with taking care of the dogs, make a fire and cook. The evening ends best in the wood-fired sauna at the hut.
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TOR003: Torgås

Distance: 19.1 km
Vasalopp accommodation - private host Accommodation in a room at private host, about 16 km south of the start of Vasaloppet. The host has 3 bedrooms with 12 beds in total for rent. Price 525 SEK per person/night. Please bring towels and bed linen (or order it from the host). No smoking, no pets allowed.