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Address: Sätertjärn, Tandådalen, 78067 Sälen Show map

Address: Sätertjärn, Tandådalen, 78067 Sälen

We continue the success from last season!
Come and try our new fast sports snowmobiles from Polaris. With its 125 hp and 600cc we can guarantee that it will be an extraordinary experience.

The snow-scooters has single pads, but with our custom-built seat back, you can also carry a passenger. We also have Polaris 4-stroke touring machines 85 hp. Rent and drive yourself. Driving license issued before year 2000 or licenses for snowmobile is needed.
For you who does not have a driving license before year 2000 or licenses we arrange guided tours with our professional guides who will take you to the best places.
We also offer 2 or 3 day tour with accommodation and hot tub in beautiful Gördalen.

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