Joängets Fjällgård

Address: Joängets Fjällgård, 780 67 Sälen Show map

Address: Joängets Fjällgård, 780 67 Sälen

Come enjoy 'Sälens tastiest waffles' with jam and cream, toast or piping hot goulash soup, a cup of hot chocolate made ​​with real milk, coffee, tea or even a good latte or espresso.

Why not relax beside the crackling fire in an authentic setting that evokes back in time to King Gustav Vasa.
Joängets mountain holding a genuine old mountain farm, located at the foot of Hundfjälllet.
In addition to our renowned "wafflehouse", you will also find good and cozy accommodation in one of our cottages, situated around the "wafflehouse" and everything is within 200 m of Hundfjällets ski resort.

All this, you will find at Joängets Fjällgård at very competitive prices.

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    Joängets Fjällgård
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    780 67 Sälen
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    46 0280-330 31
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